Otti & Liv Says Over & Out

So, big change of plan......You may have guessed from my lack of blog posts, thinking I could always find the time to squeeze another one in, it just didn't happen as many of you will understand. Parenting is hard, with so many balls to juggle, and this side business, or side hustle as many of them say, was one of them. And hope for COMING SOON, turned into a NEVER CAME! I'm so very proud though for all I've achieved so far, and the understanding my girls have shown trying to set it all up.

The struggle to carve out an interesting career while also having enough time and head space to properly raise a family is not new news.

And, as I’ve found, it doesn’t always work.

Otti & Liv has been a side business I was growing alongside my almost full-time job, something that I could build slowly with the hope that it would become a fully-fledged business with a healthy income. But, as running your own business takes far more unseen hours than expected, I’ve taken the decision to spend those hours outside of paid work to be with my daughters.

All this has become all the more urgent as I've recently become a co-parent and so need to reassess how I generate income and how I spend my time with my precious daughters. They need me more than I need a new business.

So, sadly, I am closing down Otti & Liv for now. 

My greatest thanks goes out to all my dedicated followers, everyone who’s bought any of my products, to all the twin families who have supported Otti & Liv and allowed me to photograph their children. I’m also grateful to be given the opportunity to market my products by Mother’s Hub, The Toy Library and Debbie Bliss. A big thank you. 

So, to celebrate making this big decision for myself and my girls, I’m offering massive discounts on all my stock. Just in time for Christmas!

You can find it all at Mother’s Hub or online.

Over & Out

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