A bit about us

I have two fascinating, adorable and somewhat frustrating school age twins who are now as thick as thieves. I'm Lynn and they are Ottilie & Livia.

I have it (mostly) under control now, but I used to be a parent on the edge. 

I was startled by the amount of maintenance required to keep two alive and thriving and soon realised that with the creative use of straps, rubber bands, shiny things, noise and piles of soft things, I was able to keep them happy without losing my own mind.

Objects and products saved the day with distraction and containment and allowed me to be hands free at times. In fact, this became a truly creative time. I hacked our singleton products to make them work for two and sourced a lot of non-baby items to convert for our needs. It was highly rewarding to find inventive ways to keep them safe and happy.

I was so inspired by this phase of life I formed Otti & Liv in order to start creating a product range that understands twins (or two kids under two) and to share ideas for other good products (coming soon) to help you find your happy place, too.